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Rhode Island Program Offerings

Individual Counseling Program
The individual counseling program is a 6 month program which focuses on you, the client. Whatever your health concerns, they will be addressed through the program. We will cover both nutritional and lifestyle topics, based on your individual needs. In the basic program, we will meet twice a month for 60 minutes, either in-person or over the phone, and spend the time discussing your successes, frustrations and goals, as you receive gentle coaching along the way. Depending on your individual program, we may do a health food store tour and you may be invited to attend several monthly cooking classes. Handouts, books, food samples and recipes may all be provided. Other optional services include grocery/recipe service and private cooking classes.

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Group Wellness Programs & Cooking Workshops
The group program will allow you the support of others who are also working on improving their overall health and wellness. As moderator, I will come prepared to discuss a new topic each session focusing on both nutrition and self-care. You will receive handouts, food samples, book recommendations and recipes. Groups can be both general or specialized (momís groups, athletes, etc.). Group discussion and support is encouraged and goal setting will be encouraged. Groups can run from 2-6 months. You can join an existing group or start one of your own!

Workshops are similar to the group program, but are more hands on and specialized. They will usually include a cooking component, focusing on applying what is learned in the discussion part of the program. Depending on the group, workshops can range from a one-time event to a workshop series. Some examples include: teen nutrition, whole food nutrition for the whole family, learn to cook a whole foods diet, Cooking 101: the college students guide to creating simple, healthy meals, and many more. Most groups or workshops will require a minimum of 5 participants to begin.

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Private Cooking Classes
We offer the opportunity for you to host a private cooking class out of the comfort of your own home. We will buy the food, do the cooking, and clean up! This is a great night out to gather friends and family. Through the cooking class you will not only learn how to prepare the meal, but also discuss a myriad of nutritional and health topics. It promises to be both an educational and fun evening!

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Corporate/Group Lectures and Workshops
If your business has a corporate wellness program, or is trying to start one up, we can come in and do anything from a one-time lecture to a workshop series, depending on the needs of the corporation. We can also speak for existing groups such as momís groups, professional organizations, and more. Topics can be customized or you may choose one of our already created talks, such as Eating for Energy, Sugar Blues, Healthy Eating for Busy People, or Healthy Eating on the Road.

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Healthy Meals Service
Donít mind cooking, but hate shopping at the market? Are you bored with making the same things night after night? Let me help you by providing recipes for any number of meals along with a bag of fresh, healthy groceries to use in your preparation. Youíll come home to a kitchen stocked with great food and a plan for your week. Other meal related services include a kitchen clean-out, grocery store tour and cooking for a week. Limited availability.

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