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Ripple Effect Wellness PodcastWant to learn more about whole food nutrition and holistic health, but don’t have hours to spend in front of the computer? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the learning with you? As the content of our website builds, we’ll be supplying you with just that, podcasts that you can download to your computer, mp3 player or handheld device and take with you. Listen to them at the gym, driving to work, walking, or anywhere else you have a little free time.

Cucumber Gazpacho Soup
Watch Jessica as she demonstrates how to make a delicious summer gazpacho. This simple, refreshing dish is a quick and easy addition to any meal.

Sugar Blues
If you're constantly craving sweets and want to understand why, or if you want to gain control without willpower, or deprivation, please listen to this informative podcast and learn how today!

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Body of Water
Everyone is always saying that you should drink more water, but do you really know why? Listen to this informative podcast to learn why water is so essential to your health and vitality. You will also discover how much water you, as a unique individual, should drink each day to maintain adequate hydration.

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New Years Evolution: Discover the Keys you Need to Make Positive Lifestyle Change
Learn tips on making healthy changes in your life including information on improving your diet, exercise and self-care. We'll teach you how to put together a Game Plan and tips on following through for change that is guarenteed to last!

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In addition to audio podcasts, we will also be supplying you with some exciting video podcasts to help incorporate healthy cooking and living into your life even further. You will even have the opportunity to subscribe directly to our podcasts so they will be downloaded to you directly. Stay tuned for this exciting new feature from Ripple Effect Wellness!

Podcast Help
What is a Podcast?

Think of a podcast as an "on-demand" radio show. Podcasts are audio programs that can be downloaded and played on either your personal computer or on an .MP3 player at your convenience. Once you subscribe to a podcast series, your podcatcher application will automatically receive the next episode as soon as it is made available. There is no charge for this service, and no personal information is collected.

How can I subscribe to the Ripple Effect Wellness podcast?

  1. Once you've installed a podcatcher (such as Apple's iTunes) on your personal computer, you're ready to subscribe.
  2. Highlight and copy the following URL: http://www.rippleeffectwellness.com/podcasts/feed.xml
  3. Paste it into the subscription field of your podcast application (in iTunes, select the 'Advanced' menu, 'Subscribe to Podcasts'). This process will vary depending on your podcatcher application.

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