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Our Philosophy

At Ripple Effect Wellness, we believe that a truly healthy person is nourished by much more than just food alone, so we make a clear distinction between what we call primary nutrition and secondary nutrition.

Secondary nutrition involves nourishment by means of eating food. Food is essential to survival, is a great ally in maintaining health and vitality, is important in healing sickness and disease, and can be the source of great enjoyment. Eating food is a very intimate experience because the food, once ingested, becomes you. The cells that make up the food you eat become the substance that builds your heart, your liver, your bones, your blood, your brain, and so on. From this perspective, wouldnít you want to give your body the best building blocks you could, so that the substance of you is as high a quality as possible? Of course you would. Food in and of itself is extremely powerful. But food isnít everything, and in fact it is secondary to a far more powerful form of nutrition.

Primary nutrition is the most essential form of nutrition, yet it does not involve eating and drinking. It involves your relationships (relatives, friends, lovers), your spirituality, your physical activity, your career, your hobbies, and anything else in life by which you are truly inspired. We believe that primary nutrition nourishes the body, mind, and spirit at a far deeper level than food possibly can. And it is this nutrition that the body absolutely cannot live without. An individual, for example, could be well versed in proper diet and nutrition, and eat a balanced diet every single day without deviation. Yet if that same person is lacking in one or more aspects of his or her personal life including spirituality, career, physical activity, or relationships they are not whole, and their vitality is significantly compromised.

Together, both forms of nutrition create a synergistic effect working in concert to nourish us at a profound level, one that cannot be achieved by either one on itís own. So, at Ripple Effect Wellness, we encourage our clients to embrace this concept, and we strive to inspire them to live in such a way that they are nourished each and every day both by primary nutrition, and secondary nutrition.

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